New FPTraffic Blog
April 28, 2020

Welcome to the new FPTraffic Blog!

We are nearing our 7th birthday here at FPTraffic and we thought it was time to revamp our entire frontend and release a new blog.

The first FPTraffic blog was launched in 2016, but a lot has changed since then. Not only have we completely rebuilt FPTraffic from the ground up with the release of FPTraffic v2 (check it out if you haven’t yet), but social media marketing has changed over the years as well. A lot of the content on our old blog just was not relevant anymore so we decided to start from scratch.

We will be rewriting, updating, and publishing all of our old guides, case studies, and any other relevant content we can find!

So, stop back by the blog again soon.

Better yet, join FPTraffic and then our Facebook Group to stay up-to-date with the latest developments on FPTraffic and participate in discussions with our community! 🙂

See you soon.

2 replies to “Welcome to the new FPTraffic Blog!”

  1. I think that I am missing something. I read through and I still cannot get it clearly how you turn the engagement in the fan pages into leads and how you eventually monetize those leads.

    Do you have a case study of how you get this done (pdf would do) – may this can help me get clarity.

    I appreciate the offer for a free trial and I would like to jump in once I am sure what I am getting in to.

    Also, which of your products (or the ones you recommend) can I use to complement FPTraffic so as to get maximum results

    Thanks Luke

    1. Emmanuel,

      Great question. How to monetize the audience is one of the biggest things members are asking about right now. I am planning some posts and guides on this for the blog, but there are 3 main ways we recommend monetizing the audience:

      1. Banner/AdSense ads on a website/blog about your niche.
      2. Affiliate links (through the blog or posted directly to your page. We have an Amazon tool to help with this).
      3. Build an email list through the website/blog/directly.

      These are just ideas to help get you started. Once you have an audience, you can create value from that audience in many different ways 🙂

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