Most Efficient Social Media Scheduler

Social Media Scheduler

There are a ton of options out there if you are looking for a social media scheduler. However, there are none as efficient as FPTraffic.

With FPTraffic, you can schedule a month’s worth of content to your social media profiles in a matter of minutes!

So, you may be wondering…

How to FPTraffic Scheduler Different?

Our primarily focus with our scheduling tool on FPTraffic is efficiency. We want to make it as easy and quick as possible for you to schedule content to your profiles.

You can mass upload content using 2 different tools:

  • URL Scheduler
  • Photo Uploader

Both of these tools work great and work well in their own ways.

URL Scheduler

Our URL Scheduler tool allows you to mass schedule both link and image URLs.

  • Link URL – the URL to a website.
  • Image URL – the direct URL to an image.

You can upload up to 500 link and image URLs at once using our URL scheduler! FPTraffic will automatically detect if the URL you are scheduling is an image or if it’s a website link and schedule it to your Profile.

When combined with our Google Chrome Extension, the URL scheduler becomes one of the most efficient mass scheduling tools you will find!

URL Scheduler

Photo Uploader

Do you already have a folder full of images you want to schedule to your Facebook Page, Group, or Twitter account?

You can mass upload those images to FPTraffic and schedule them to the correct Profiles in just a few seconds with our Photo Uploader!

Photo Uploader

Drag and drop your images to FPTraffic and we’ll do the rest. We allow up to 100 images to be uploaded in one batch, but you can upload as many batches as you like because we do not limit the amount of content you can schedule at all. Some members have over 200,000 pieces of content scheduled across all their social media profiles!