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Sam F.

"I’ve been using FPTraffic now for about six years, and in that time have been able to build a targeted network of Facebook pages and groups with around 1 million followers..."

3 Steps to Grow Your Social Media Audience

Once you have joined FPTraffic, you can grow your social media audience in 3 easy steps.

  • 1

    Step 1

    Create a schedule so we can start posting to your audience every single day.

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    Step 2

    Upload content to post or use our Content Finder to find content your audience will love.

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    Step 3

    Engage with your new audience and watch it grow through your organic posting and new reach!

Find and Schedule Content with a Click

The hardest part of building a social media audience is consistently finding and posting content. It’s also the most important part of any successful social media strategy!

Social Media Content Finder

With FPTraffic, it’s easy! We have a proprietary Content Finder you can use to search through billions of photos, links, and videos to find content to post to your social media accounts.

Find Great Content  


Scheduled Posts

Once you have found and scheduled some posts, you will have no problem easily finding and editing them in our Scheduled Posts queue.

You set the schedule and then FPTraffic will automatically post your content to your Facebook Page, Group, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram accounts during the hour you have scheduled.

You can schedule months of content in just a matter of hours and FPTraffic will handle the rest!

Start Scheduling Your Content  

We have been doing this awhile…

This may be your first time ever visiting FPTraffic, but we have been silently taking over social media marketing for awhile. Join us today to find out why.

  • 10

    10 Years

    FPTraffic has been managing social media accounts for 10 years (launched August 5, 2013).

  • 80,000+ Users

    Over 80,000 people have signed up to use FPTraffic to manage their social media accounts.

  • Billions of Likes

    The content posted by FPTraffic for it’s members has been seen and liked on Facebook billions of times.


Sam F.

6 Year Customer

I’ve been using FPTraffic now for about six years, and in that time have been able to build a targeted network of Facebook pages and groups with around 1 million followers (and with very little ad spend).


FPTraffic makes it easy to find and schedule content for my pages (and now groups) and saves me a huge amount of time.

Ken K.

4 Year Customer

FPTraffic does the job of a full time social media manager on auto pilot. It would take an army of people hours what FPTraffic can do in a few mins!

Julio M.

8 Year Customer

I love FPTraffic because it simply works the way it’s described. There is something to be said about a toll that’s users by the creator vs a tool made to market. I built one of my pages to 250k with ease and FPTraffic played a huge role in that.

Jeremy S.

8 Year Customer

I could say so many great things about FPTraffic, but what I love the most about it is how LEAN it is. I work in social media for a large corporation. We use a very high-end social media tool for content scheduling, reporting, etc. It’s powerful but very bloated and frankly very not very user friendly at all. FPTraffic, by comparison, is this lean, incredibly powerful online tool that does circles around the tool I use for work.

Bob G.

4 Year Customer

I now post to my facebook pages and twitter accounts using FPTraffic because it is so much easier to find content and automatically post using these content sources. It is also great for monetizing my pages and twitter accounts with Amazon.

Cheaper than the competition, but with more features…

We make it simple. No hidden fees. Unlimited profiles. Unlimited posts. Unlimited everything.

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Pay $125 once a year. Cancel anytime.

Connect Your Facebook  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What social media platforms does FPTraffic support?
You can currently schedule and post content to your Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Twitter accounts using FPTraffic.

How many posts can I schedule and on how many social media profiles?
Unlike our competition, we do not limit you on the amount of social media profiles you can connect to your FPTraffic account or the number of posts you can schedule. We want you to be able to schedule as far into the future on as many profiles as you want!

Do you offer a free trial?
Yes! Every new member of FPTraffic gets a free 2-week trial. This trial membership gives you access to every single feature on FPTraffic and does not require any sort of credit card or payment information. Simply join FPTraffic (connect your Facebook) and click the button to start your trial.

Can I cancel my subscription if I am not happy with FPTraffic? Do you offer a refund?
Yes! If you are unhappy with your FPTraffic membership at any point, you can cancel your subscription with a few clicks of your mouse. If you would like a refund within your first 30 days of using FPTraffic, just let us know and we’ll refund your money as well

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