7 Year Anniversary
August 5, 2020

Happy 7 Year Anniversary, FPTraffic!

Today is a special day for us at FPTraffic. It was 7 years ago today that we launched FPTraffic! 🎉

When did FPTraffic Launch

A lot has changed with FPTraffic over the past 7 years. When we originally launched, we had a very limited MVP (minimal viable product) and the goal was just to see if there was any interest in a social media marketing product focused on Facebook Pages.

Since the launch, we have grown to over 71,000 users and gone through 2 major versions of the product.

But, one thing hasn’t changed. We are focused on helping our users grow their social media audiences and reach.

Thank you for being a part of that journey!

Here’s a screenshot of our original homepage 😃

Original FPTraffic Homepage

2 replies to “Happy 7 Year Anniversary, FPTraffic!”

  1. Is this product the one that will search the web and add picture content to one’s Face Book Page? For example if I set it for a specific key word like Jesus Cheist would it scrub the web and add pictures of Jesus Christ or Bob Marley?

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