How to Choose a Facebook Page Name
May 20, 2020

How to Choose a Facebook Page Name

Choosing your Facebook Page name or any other social media username may seem impossible at first. You feel like you’re stuck with what you pick, so it better be something you’ll want forever! But that’s not quite the case – there is room for trial and error when you’re starting out.

This post will give you some quick tips for choosing a name for your Facebook Page – including how to get your Page found in a Facebook search – and how to change your Page name, because sometimes decisions are just too hard!

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3 Tips for Choosing a Facebook Page Name

How you go about choosing your Facebook Page name will obviously differ depending on the type of Page you’re creating. Those who are creating a Page for business will have a different process than those who are creating a Fan Page. In any case, here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing a Facebook Page name:

Keep it simple

The Page title isn’t the place to get creative. Stick to your business’ name, TV show name, blog name, celebrity name, etc., without adding any cutesy cleverness to it. Think about what people will search for. Your Page title should match popular search terms, and if they’re familiar with your business or blog, they’ll type in your business name as it is.

Plus, keeping your Facebook Page name simple will ensure long-lasting relevance. Getting too trendy might backfire in the years to come. Facebook is showing no signs of slowing down, so choose a name users will be able to associate with for years.

Keep it short

The title should explain what users will find on the Facebook Page, but it doesn’t need to be more than a few words. Avoid stuffing your Page title with keywords so as not to appear spammy. Fans will be less likely to share content from Pages like that, and that can hurt your Page’s viral growth rate through Facebook.

The shorter your Facebook Page name the better it will look in an ad. Creating ads is vital to building your audience at first. A shorter Page title will fit the ad more neatly.

Be specific

Avoid using a completely generic name like “Sports” or “Running.” Facebook has been disabling updates for Pages with generic names because the network wants Pages to authentically represent businesses, celebrities and brands. Use the specific name associated with your business or fan Page.

Get Your Page Found in a Facebook Search

While you don’t want to get too creative with your Facebook Page name, there are a few tactics you can use to get your Page at the top of the list in a Facebook search.

If you’re not sure on your Page title, use keyword research to see what fans might be more likely to search for. Keeping it as simple as possible is often the best way to go. For example, MLB’s Facebook Page is simply “MLB,” not “Major League Baseball,” because fans refer to the brand as MLB.

When creating your Facebook Page name, use spaces between words. People type in the Facebook search just like they do Google – they’re going to type in “Dunkin Donuts” on Facebook, whereas on Twitter people might be more likely to type in “dunkindonuts.” This little trick helps ensure maximum visibility.

Lastly, you do have the ability to change your Facebook Page name, but refrain from doing this too often if you want to be found in the search engine. Google dings Pages when their titles change, so each time you do change the name of your FB Page you’ll lose some SEO points.

Don’t change your Facebook Page name unless you have to. In the beginning, however, before you have thousands of fans, you might not like the Facebook Page name you picked. That’s the perfect time to make a name change.

How to Change Your Facebook Page Name

Changing your Facebook Page name is easy. From your Page, on the left menu, click Edit Page Info. Under General, click on the Username section, and change your Page name.

Change Facebook Page Name

Facebook says it can take up to three days to review the request, but it typically gets approved rather quickly. There is a restriction that you can’t change your Page name more than once every seven days.

There’s not a whole lot that goes into a Facebook Page name, but getting it wrong can cost you a whole lot! Keep this tips in mind when deciding on a Page name, and you’ll start your path to a successful Facebook Page.

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Are you having trouble coming up with a name for your Facebook Page? Leave us a comment with your ideas!

150 replies to “How to Choose a Facebook Page Name”

  1. My brand name is Kimberley

    URL is

    What should my Facebook business page name be. Thanks 🙏

      1. Hi can you help me with my facebook page name, it’s is all about video clips or movie clips. Tha ks in advance 😊

  2. I have been having a really hard time changing the name of my business Facebook page. It is an online store and the name is Aloxs. Every time I suggest that or like Aloxs’ Beauty the request is denied so I’m stuck. Could really use help, trying to avoid changing the name of my store all together.

    1. I’ve seen this too lately. I am not sure what Facebook’s issue is with it. My recommendation would be to try to contact Facebook Support.

    2. Hello can you suggest a name for my fb page?
      It’s about memes and some filth comedy in it that describes our reality in a sarcastic way?

  3. Hi, not sure what to name my business page. The name of my business is Living Well Occupational Therapy, PLLC. What help people do is get restorative sleep. At the moment I have named it Restorative sleep.

    Should I change it to my business name ? Which is Living Well Occupational Therapy, PLLC

    1. I would probably name the page Living Well Occupational Therapy because that is likely what your potential customers will be searching on Google to find you.

      1. Hi Luke, fantastic job you’re doing. I love your articles, they precious. However I have a reservation about using company name as Living Well Occupational Therapy. First it is long. Second it is attractive only to those who already know about the company. Finally, a name such as “Restorative Sleep” may attract a new set of sleep deprived as well as resonate with those who already know their work. The later is also short and memorable. Searchers are most likely to search for “healing through sleep”, “restoration through sleep”, “restore your sleep” etc. I do think that name has merit

  4. I have a page in Facebook in which I post all post related to any brave deeds done by any individual. I had name the page “Saluting The Real Heroes Fans Club” But it’s too long. Will you suggest me name please?

  5. Hello,
    my facebook page is named OvadaRowell but I am real estate agent under Florida Home Sales Inc. should i do ovada-real estate

    what is your suggestion

    1. Which way do you think people are going to search for you? Is your branding based on your name or based on your company name? What shows biggest on your real estate signs? 🙂

  6. Hi, I cannot think about any appropriate name for my FB page will be about the Mediterranen Diet but I don’t want call like this as there are hundreds of pages/groups with this name.
    Basically it is about healthy and tasty food every day …that’s the concepts- Keywords are Healthy Tasty Mediterreanean. I’ve named it Healthy Eaters in Action but I don’t like it at all. Any help about how to generate a winning name?

    1. One of your goals for your Page should be to create a website for it as well so you can start sending people from your Facebook Page to your website. When people on are your website, you can make money off banner ads, get their email, and use other strategies to try to turn some of those eyeballs into dollars.

      So, my recommendation for you would be to look at different potential domain names you could use for your website. You don’t need to name your Page after your domain ( for example), but if you come up with a good domain, you can use it as the Page name (Eating In Action Now for example). Obviously that is not the name you’d want, but it’s just an example of the formatting. The benefit of this is you start building a brand 👍

      I use InstantDomainSearch for quickly searching for domain name ideas 🙂

  7. Hi!
    Still can’t decide about the name of my page. I’m a financial consultant. Is simply using my name great? Like AIZA MENDOZA.
    Thanks a lot. 😊

  8. Hi, I don’t have a good name for my Facebook page. Am (Fresher)into affiliate marketing of products(any) from clickbank, So I can’t figure out any good name for my FB page.
    And I don’t have URL. Please help me.

    1. Am sorry am having a difficult time setting up a name for my page…
      But I have something in mind, it’s like a group to help people living one sickness or under drugs abuse.
      And also people going through emotional trunma.
      I don’t no the name to put it together.

  9. I am starting out with an Affiliate membership for selling equine products and rider wear, I am hopeless at coming up with catchy names that people will remember but that are also specific to the items that i will be promoting.

    Any ideas would be very much appreciated
    Thank 🙂

    1. I would come up with your own brand name for the store that you want to use to sell the products (even as an affiliate) so that you can start building your own brand. This is probably the best option if you’re going to be selling different types of products as an affiliate.

  10. My name is Ruth and im into household and fitness accessories.i just started up and im thinking of a name .i acme up with the word Aerena .or do i just work around using my name.any suggestions.

  11. I want to sell clothes,bags, cosmetics and shoes etc.,
    But i difficult to think my page name.
    Can give me any suggesstion?

  12. Hello Luke. Thank you for this article. Just what I have been looking for.

    I have one niche FB page at the moment. I wish to create another page about the interior design books and journals that I publish.

    I came up with this – “Interior Designers Books and Journals” but my problem is that I also do non-interior design self-help journals, but I don’t know how to weave them into a page name without making it overly long. 75% of my books & journals are on interior design.

    I need your help! a) Do I go ahead and use the name I came up with anyway? OR b)Do I make it less specific to enable it to cover all types of journals? I will really appreciate your suggestions too.

    1. I would go ahead with the name you came up with. It covers most of your content. Everything else is just kind of a bonus 🙂

  13. Am new in network marketing and I can’t think of the Facebook name I should use plus I don’t have a website yet….. Kindly help

  14. My husband (with a strong assist from me) wrote a memoir about the five and a half years he served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines. We are trying to find a good name for his Facebook page. Our goal is to showcase our website so we can engage the readers and at the same time, highlight our Hower-Bates Library Network that has donated 4 libraries in the Philippines and has sent 50,000+ books since 2004. Our website URL is Would this title be appropriate? Books by Prima & Alvin

  15. Kindly assist me get a page name,my page is about everything kids.from outfits to shoes and accessories

  16. I am a mom of a toddler I have a page called Thai Indy Mommy in the future 5 years I wanna to open a gym in Thailand (I’m thai my kid is half thai-America ) and my page is now about our activity and tips for activities for kiddos and I’ll add some work out vdo too.
    I wanna change my page’s name can you recommend some new name for me please ?

  17. Trying to choose a suitable Facebook page name. I will be selling hair and skin care products for Monat (stands for Modern Nature) But it is an MLM, so I cannot use their name in my title. I was thinking about Lena’s Modern Natural Beauty…but I don’t know that that will generate much in people’s searches, because everyone knows the brand by Monat. I also thought about Lena’s Locks, but it sounds kinda cheesy and doesn’t indicate that they also carry skincare. Any suggestions?

  18. Hi,
    I liked your recommendations.
    However, the “keep it simple ” is not simple:
    I have an old page called Miry Kornhauser Gestalt therapy which I stopped using almost a year ago, when i became also a coach and I’ve created Miry Kornhauser life coach page.
    Now i want to merge them and not sure about the name:
    Miry Kornhauser Gestalt therapist and coach
    Seems really long.
    I can cut it to” Miryko Gestalt therapist and coach” but if I’m going to be my own brand, people won’t find me.
    I only have 190 followers, so now is the time to change, I think

  19. Hi Luke, My name is Prashanta Pandey and I have just got into Video Making,Digital Content and Affiliate Entrepreneurship. I want to create a page by naming it prashantapandey_digitalcommando or digitalwarrior_prashanta. What do you suggest? Please help

  20. My name is Andrei Boeangiu. I am a mindset coach. What name should I choose for my FB page? Currently the page is called Andrei Boeangiu. Should I leave it this way or do you recommend something else?

    Thx 🙂

    1. I am just starting a degin course and I want to open a fb page for that. Do you have any suggestions for a better name?

  21. Hi, I am just starting out and I am building my online store: it has crystals and gems, candles and new age elements, handmade boxes with crystals and intentions, jewelry, just to start. The name that I have chosen and I have the website for is SunLight Corner, now my issue is that I won’t get found if people look for the stuff that sell, so should I leave the website as is and name the page something else? Ex: Crystals, Jewlery and Intentions or do you suggest something else?

    Much appreciated and thank you for your time!

    1. I would stick with what you have. Your website should help you get people searching the keywords for the products you sell. The Facebook Page is better for branding 👍

  22. I am making a motivational page. but I am strugling with page name. I want a name which should include “motivational” as this will help in search.
    I need suggestion—-THNX.. I love your blog BTW

    1. We would probably need to know more about the content you’re going to post to really be able to help, but I’m glad you like the blog!

      Monday Motivation Every Day

  23. Hi there, I plan to offer content writing and marketing services on my facebook page. They will include everything in content marketing to social media marketing to copy writing and all.

    I have chosen the name “Content Writing and Marketing”, it is specific and covers the whole range too. Is it ok?

  24. I am a realtor at Homesmart Realty west and specialize in working with seniors(55+). I also have another business called Loving Moving where I assist seniors relocating into retirement communities. Any ideas for a simple name?
    Thank you!

  25. Even after creating a FB page don’t go mad and stuff the new page with content and end up with a red flag being placed on your page – just drip feed the new page daily and be patient until that page gets a few months of posts then you can be sure the page will be there for keeps…

  26. which name should I choose for my page.My page is running for education (Teaching Korean Language).

    if you don’t mind suggest me please thanks🙏

  27. I’m wondering about my “@“ username for Facebook I’ve become an independent consultant for Epicure spices. My business page is Independent Epicure Consultant – Laurie Ross (longer I know but thought it would help in the search department But would like to come up with a catchy easy @name any suggestions

    1. The @username isn’t as important on Facebook as some other platforms like Twitter. But, it’s still a good idea to try to capture a good username and I recommend using the same on across all platforms.

      In your case, it may be as simple as @LaurieRoss 🙂

  28. Hiya. Great reading btw. Interesting blog and helpful!!
    I thinks it’s time I create a business page for my suesartyfarty window painting business( Hand painted bespoke window art/ decoration with paint at xmas time and other odd jobs like sale banners etc/ a signwriter of sorts) currently I name myself suesartyfarty…but it does not tell strangers what I’m about and what I offer. I want to design a new business Facebook page and amalgamate the two together that = what I’do’ … I reaching for the impossible? Hahaa.

  29. Hi Luke, i’m just starting out as an essential oils distributor and trying to come up a facebook page name. But I’m sad because the names I can think of are mostly used already when I tried to search/check. (Oil you need is love, You are OILsome, Oilvincible, to name a few). Do you think it’s a good idea to still go with it? Or, any ideas you can suggest? It’s much appreciated. Thank you. ♥♥♥

    1. Essential oils are pretty competitive which is why you are having a hard time finding a name. I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself. You’ve definitely come up with some creative names. If you are going to be selling to a specific region or area, you may want to include that in your name. It makes you more approachable to people in that area and makes your name a bit more unique 🙂

  30. I want to create my FB page name for who are want to start their new life, those who want fill their dreams & achieve their goals and who are unable to go for jobs due to family or children or any other issues.It is work from home business for every please suggest me a good page name.
    Thank you..❤️

  31. I want to change my FB page into something catchy or buyers can easily visit on. I want to sell different products at a cheaper prices. I want that it to be basically a platform where buyers can buy anything at a lower price. Currently it is named as Emart Choices. Pls help.. I want to put something related to “thrift” that caters from millenials to young professionals to adults..basically at a cheaper price

    1. I think you’ll likely need to create a new Page for this to change the name, but you’re welcome to try. Definitely go with something “Thrift” or “Cheaper” in the name though 🙂

      1. Please I need a unique to give for my page that will attract more people to follow my page, I’m online business affiliate marketing. Thanks Luke

  32. I’ll pan to start a fb page for beauty products based on ORIFLAME brand , Can you recommend me a suitable name for that?

  33. I want to create a page for Facebook documenting my 11 yo son’s journey with his new diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes. It will be an easy way to keep friends and family near and far updated on his progress and updates. Not trying to sell anything, just a central place for people to check on him and comment, without the hundreds of text messages and emails that are becoming overwhelming and I don’t want to leave anyone out.

    What are the best page names/usernames/set up info for something like that?

  34. Hey so im creating a Facebook page for my Photography in the brand name is web rat. so I wanted to be different than just saying web rat photography so I’m stuck on what my page should be called like new age photography or something to do with social media like something that separates it from normal photography Pages could you help me with this?

  35. HI i cannot change my facebook name it keep telling me that name should accurately reflect.
    can you suggest me a name that is accurately reflect with this name please

  36. I don’t know what name to choose for my page on facebook. I want to choose a good name for this page which im gona use to post quotes

  37. Hi Luke,

    Thanks for the awesome content!
    I also would like to ask some suggestion for my FB Page, named Inspiringly, Inspiring Lee. It was my desire to inspire people. Though, I would want it to be more specific. My story, I was a weakling growing up, but I thrive to be strong. In this pursuit, I tried some sports and came to love Triathlon. I’m still under training. But I would love the idea of sharing the journey with other people (I especially hope to reach fellow weaklings), and inspire them. So I’ve been thinking of changing the FB Name to something with regards to Triathlon, so it would be searchable. Any suggestion will help. Thanks a lot!

  38. Hi, I am Teri, I am looking for a name. My Facebook group will be about me recreating myself after leaving an abusive relationship of 28 years. Finding mental health, Losing weight, and starting self-care. I want other women to be able to join and find a friend and support for their journey to a better life.

  39. Hi am creating a page but I don’t know I name it, please can you help me? I’m selling premium accounts like Netflix accounts and Spotify

  40. Hi Luke, any suggestion for Facebook Page bussiness name? iam selling Merchandise… from name brand departments store…


  41. i ‘d like to sell mobile accessories like Silicone Case , back skins , Screen Protector etc.
    still thinking for a name , could you help ?

  42. Hello, I need help to create a fb page. I paint small/medium stones/rocks taken from wherever I find them during my walks and would like to put them on a fb page.
    What do you suggest?
    Thank you

  43. Hi everyone! I want to create a page, but actually I can’t decide what should I name it, it is about clothes,, could you help me?

  44. Would you please help me to find effective name that reflect to my business?.you help me a names I can you Use both my facebook page and my facebebook group

    Am a network marker of alliance in motion global we are dealing in health Product,supplement product

    I will be happy for you help.GOD BLESS my facebook account to get more engagement and likes,comments, and share.I want open minded people,a quality prospect

    Buy for now
    You Fun,Alex ntaganda

  45. Hi there! Can you help me with my Facebook page name, it’s about “Digital Marketing” for beginner and also promote my work. I was wondering to give “Digital Marketing ground” or “Marketing Hack” or “Marketing Light” or “digital marketing premium” or “Digital Marketing Network”…. See I am confused, Do you have any suggestions?

  46. Hello there,

    I have been trying to change my page name with no successful results for very long time. My brand name is Cherryzon, what do you think I should name my page?
    I sell bags, scarves, belts and other accessories for women.
    Thank you.

  47. Can I use
    The name “Dem Corvus”
    As my tattoo name page?
    Or “Corvus tattoo”
    Or maybe Dem Corvus Tattoo ?

  48. I want to display my paintings, eventually with the aim of selling them … there are so many Facebook artist users, I want to somehow be a little more original. I did wonder about using my name and art … with a hyphen … Trish-A-rt … what do ou think? Any advice gladly accepted …

  49. I want to open a Facebook page where I can celebrate people’s birthday and wishing them well. Am Obietejoseph. What name will be suitable?

  50. Hello Luke, very thankful for your page. It has given me lots of tips and ideas. I’ll create a Facebook page for Arabic language learning in Italy (in Italian language) and have been wondering what cool and attractive name I’d give. The contents will be varying from grammar to vocabs, common mistakes, fun facts, culture, games, literature, quotes from TV series and movies and so on… covering all levels and interests. What would you suggest?

  51. Hi Luke, my business is Financial planning and I am also looking into Affiliate marekting. Should I make 2 separate FB pages for these niches? and any page name suggestion? thanks. Be safe.

  52. Hi Luke,
    I am about to start my business as an affliate marketer for online courses. My URL is about key online training classes, which is different to the website belonging to my affiliate provider.

    Should I name my FB page the same as my URL leaving out the .com? This is my first FB page set up. Any great suggestions?

    Do I set my FB business page from my personal FB account, or do I start a new FB account to do this?

    Thank you.

    1. I would use your domain minus the .com. You can create the Page from your personal account. You may want to make a Business Manager for it though.

  53. I have been trying to change the name of my fb business page for sometime now and nothing is happening

    Old name is Gateway Travel -Global Travel Worldwide
    This is the page now
    I have already changed the user name

    to Phu Quoc Island – Land Packages and Cruises
    Have tried other versions too

    Phu Quoc Island – Land Packages & Cruises


    Phu Quoc Island – Travel Packages and Cruises

    Have tried to contact fb support, but nothing is happeneing and not even sure if it went through,
    Fb says to send a screenshot but it will not go through

    Is there any other way of contacting FB?

  54. Hi! I am a beginner in this online franchisee. Having a hard time naming my FB page. It’s about Siomaking food online and Toktok Delivery Services. Can you help me or rather suggest a branding name for my page that my client/customer can easily remember? Appreciate much your help, thank you and be safe.

  55. my Name is Michael Adel, i m dental laser specialist willing to create a page & i need help 2 find a simple but attractive page name if u can help me with it plz.

  56. I want it like that because ..I will be posting some items for my fans to buy from me ..and at the end they have procured with me..and I did procurement and logistics at the university

  57. Hi, I would like to seek your assistance in thinking of a page name. I am a financial advisor and my name is Raymond Ryan Co. I was thinking something like “Brighter life with Ryan”, “Insurance 101 with Ryan” “Ryan knows” “Financial planning with Ryan”. I would like to know your thoughts. Thank you! 🙂

  58. Hi,have been trying to create a page and Facebook keep rejecting into affiliate marketing program ,the niche is about freelancing.what heading can I use?

  59. I am a motivational speaker and personal coach and I go by names Frederick Mairong. How would you suggest I name my Facebook page? Thanks

  60. I want to create a page where I can talk about relationships and general stuffs. Can I call it Wendy/Okwy’s Talk Show

  61. Hi there thanks for your article, my business name is called Charlie Brian Technologies and my name is Charlie Brian, so how can I named my fan page and group

  62. Hi, I want to open Facebook page about relationship talk, basically the page will be all about relationship. What is good for it??

  63. I want to set up my business page as an affiliate marketer, my name is tobi, but I can’t really figt out a name

  64. Hello,

    I have a social marketing business selling health and wellness products. What do you suggest my name is without giving away the name of my company. I currently have it set as Dianna’s Modere Business but I need something that doesn’t give my company away at first sight.

    Thanks in advance,

  65. I wanted to change my Facebook page from Bruwskie Community to Credit express since I am now focusing on selling game credits(More on Valorant Game).
    Do you have any better idea of what other FB names should I use? Because I am currently changing it and I think Facebook has a lot of “Credit Express” FB page names being used. Thank you.

    1. I would use a name that makes it obvious that you are selling game credits. “Credit Express” makes me think of a credit union or bank.

  66. Hi there
    Helpful article. Appreciated
    Our business is Einstein Wellness Ltd
    The Albert Einstein Hospital system that is now promoting a”Well Med” site & FB page.
    .We want to make sure people don’t confuse our business with the hospital system
    We are thinking “Einstein Wellness Herbal Remedies” for the page name
    Do you agree?
    Or a better name to recommend for us?

    Thankyou for your time and consideration :)Helpful

  67. I’ve got a YouTube channel,with name iamdevyne_ and most of social media handle has the devyne name,also I wanna be posting skits,natural stuff,reaction video etc,what should my Facebook page name be?

  68. Please I want to create a facebook page based on providing information on things concerning digital skills like graphics design, copywriting and so on.

    So would my facebook name be suitable as “Everything digital Skills”

  69. Hi, I’m an indie publisher for teens mental health issues. What Facebook/domain name do you think goes well?

  70. Looking for a page name idea for FB, I am wanting to share info about mine and my husbands journey to getting pregnant and using IVF. Can you make a suggestion, please? Help is appreciated! 😁

  71. My name is Godwin Moses, i am land realtor and I work under a real estate company but I really want to build my business on Facebook. What name do you recommend I use?
    Secondly I want to create a page that people can be getting addictive to it.
    I want to here from you the kind of posting I should concentrate e.g helth talk, sport etc. That can help me build my facebook

    1. I’d recommend a proper thought out Facebook Ads Campaign as a starting point (not Organic FB posts).

      If you’d like help, reach out to me 👍🙂
      [email protected] or 07973480268

  72. My name is Ugochukwu Madubueze l, I am a public Health Physician passionate about fighting Obesity through cooking healthy meals, dancing and education on health issues relating to lifestyle modification. I am currently starting a weightless journey. What do you suggest should be my page name. Thanks.

  73. Great article! Choosing the right Facebook Page name is crucial for brand identity. The tips provided here are super helpful, especially the suggestion to use a name checker. It’s a game-changer in ensuring uniqueness and availability. Thanks for the insights!

  74. Hi! I hope you see this. I want to create a page like a diary where I recount events in my life as a woman living in Nigeria. I’m looking for simple name suggestions

  75. I have to name the facebook page so what should I name as I have to share on all types of videos it became Islamic and funny and so did the sad video.

  76. Please am finding it difficult to create a name for me and my daughter’s Facebook page.
    Is for content, lifestyles, family and cooking.
    Please can you help me out

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