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December 10, 2020

How to Join a Facebook Group as a Facebook Page

For marketers, Facebook Groups present a great opportunity to grow their businesses. Although it is more common to see personal profiles join groups, it is also possible for your Page to join a Group on Facebook.

Groups on Facebook play a vital role in the day-to-day activities of Facebook users, and getting your page into a group is not a difficult process. It was pointed out by Facebook that this function to add pages into groups would benefit a large number of businesses as there are a lot of celebrities, public figures, and brands who use Facebook Pages as their main account.

Before this feature was added, various brands were restricted from interacting with their supporters or fans within Facebook groups, but now, a lot of verified pages with millions of likes communicate within groups.

Steps To Join A Facebook Group With Your Page

It’s actually pretty simple and very much like joining as your own profile, except for a few tweaks.

STEP 1: On the left menu of your Newsfeeds, click Groups.

How to Join a Facebook Group as a Facebook Page

STEP 2: Search for the group you want to join.

You will find a search bar at the upper right corner of the screen. Enter some keywords of the Group you’re searching for, or if you know the exact name, key those in. You will be given a list of results that matches your search.

STEP 3: Join Group

Once you find the group you want to join, click on the + Join Group button located right next to the Group name.

How to Join a Facebook Group as a Facebook Page

Then you choose if you’d like to join the Group as your personal profile or as a Page, then click Join Group.

How to Join a Facebook Group as a Facebook Page

And that’s it! You’ve successfully joined a Facebook Group as your Facebook Page.

Things to Note when Joining a Group as Your Page

It’s important to remember that joining a group as a page is mostly dependent on the group settings, and when joining a group, you have to keep in mind that:

  • Not all groups are open to accepting members as a Page. Most only allow personal profiles, so if you were not asked to choose between your personal profile and pages, then they don’t allow pages.
  • As a Page, you can’t be invited to join a Group, but can only request to join one.
  • If you’re already part of an existing group both for your personal profile and your page, make sure you switch between profiles when making a post and comment within the group.
  • Only group page admins have the power to request to join a group.
Create a Facebook Group
Do you have a Facebook Group of your own? Groups are a great way to build a community around your audience on Facebook. Especially if you already have a Facebook Page.

Create a Facebook Group today and start building up your engagement!

Facebook Groups are an excellent way for brand pages to promote their businesses. Joining a Facebook Group with your page is a simple three-step process. You can always search out the group you want to join, but remember the possible restrictions you may face. If you do succeed in joining your desired group, be careful not to violate any of the group’s terms and conditions as the group admins can still block you, and can possibly misrepresent your page.

How to Join a Facebook Group as a Facebook Page

31 replies to “How to Join a Facebook Group as a Facebook Page”

  1. How do you join a facebook group as a page if you’re already a member of the group with your private account? I’ve read that many people have the same problem. Leaving the group as your private page doesn’t seem to fix the problem either. Thanks in advance!

      1. I figured this out. It’s a little complicated (what isn’t with Facebook?), but it worked.
        1) Add a second admin to the page. This can be an alternate account for you or someone you trust. Any account that’s not already in the group.
        2) Use that account to join the group as the page.
        3) Remove the new admin from the page (if you want).
        4) Go back to your primary account and you should be able to post as the page in the group from there.

        I just used this method to add two different pages to the same group, so now I’m in the group three different ways, lol.

        1. I just tried the steps Josh P put and it didn’t work. It isn’t giving the second admin the option to join as a page. Any thoughts?

        2. The instructions in this article certainly don’t work (if it was that simple, wouldnt need an article!)

          Tried this workaround Josh P (appointed someone else as admin, got them to join the group). It didn’t work. They can only join as their personal profile. I even tried again and appointed another different person as an admin. Joining the group as our business page didn’t work for them either. Why is this so difficult?? Especially at this time when we’re desperately trying to keep small business afloat, I din’t understand why we can’t do it.

  2. How do you join a facebook group as a page if you’re already a member of the group with your private account?

    R: You have to abandon the group with your personal profile and then rejoin the group with your Page, if the group accept both type of Pages (Personal profile and Page) then you choose page, otherwise the group is not accepting page as it is explain above.

    Thank you

  3. I have two pages, but can only join groups with one page. I think this may be because my second page is new. Does anyone know after how many days since creation my second page will start being able to join groups?


    1. I’m having the same issue. I created a second page about a week ago but can only currently join groups as my older page. Does anyone know when my new page will start showing up as another option for joining groups? I really want to join with my new page and it’s tough not being able to yet.


        1. Luke my business page is 3 years old, and I cannot join groups as the business page. I am an admin. I am not a member of the group through my personal profile. The group definitely accepts page memberships (I have contacted them and they have added many pages to the group, they don’t understand why I’m having a problem). Can you please help?

  4. My personal fb account manages my business page. When I click the ‘join group’ button I am not asked if I want to join as my personal profile or my page. It just automatically sends my personal request to join.

    1. You should be able to switch what profile you are using when on the Group. Then, you can join as the other Profile (Page).

    2. I have the same problem. I know that group is accepting pages to join,becouse there is a lot other pages in that group. But I don’t get that option. Maybe I need to activate something in my own page?
      Please help:(

      1. I am the same, when I click ‘join’ group I don’t get an option to do it with my page, it just automatically joins up my personal account! It’s very frustrating 🙁

        1. It is the same problem with me. I am not asked by the option to choose my page instead of my main profile. I tried to off VPN, checked a lot tutorial videos, changing a lot option on my page, collecting likes/follows more, create new page, create new account with new page, using creative/business pages of facebook, using app to join group, etc..
          In my last chance I wrote to facebook help desk.
          HELP! :'(((((

    3. Had the same problem for months, till yesterday when like through a miracle or alien deeds …. i get asked every time i join a new group !!!!!

  5. Only 2 of my pages are showing as an option for me to join as. How do I get my other pages to be selected?

  6. Hi,
    I am trying to figure it out how to link my fb group to my personal page. Can you help me with that, please! Thank you!

  7. Hi! Looks like you only have to link your page in the group’s settings (at least I got this working this way 🙂

    Click Settings in the left menu.
    Scroll down to Linked Pages and click to the right.
    Click Link next to the pages you’d like to link to your group.
    Click Link.

    You can alternatively link the group in the settings of the page.

  8. I hope you scroll down to find this comment. Go down to settings. Then link a page. Link your business page. Now you can interact on the group as your page.

  9. Hi there, I am having the exactly the same issue. I can’t leave the group because last time that I tried that it took me months to get it back because facebook wouldn’t let me join groups. It’s incredibly frustrating, as it’s killing my business opportunity. I can’t find a way for the link to work. Please help me out.

  10. Same problem. Have been trying to join group as my business page. This is the reason for creating the page in the first place yet i am unable to join as my business page and although i get a pop up that tells me i am now interacting as my business page profile, when i search for a groups it searches as my fb personal profile. When i request to be added to a group it does not make the request as my business page profile. I notice fb does not seem to have an answer for this.

  11. I managed to do this today. I left the group I was in as myself. Then clicked join group, it gave me options of joining as me or my business page. I then joined as my business page. When I commented on a post, it gave me the option of joining as myself. So I’m now in as myself and the business. It shows me who I’m interacting as when I try to leave a comment now. Hope that works for someone.

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