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FPTraffic (FPT) has both the guides and tools you need to build successful Pages.

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Facebook Pages are an awesome source of traffic that can be extremely profitable. Over the past few years I have built Pages that reach millions of users a day. These users get on Facebook every day and every day they see posts from my Facebook Pages. I've created FPTraffic to automate the process of reaching these people on a daily basis so I can shift my focus from reaching these people to actually monetizing the traffic I get from them and making some serious money.

Automate Your Pages!

FPT allows you to automate nearly the entire process of gathering and posting content to your Pages. Prior to building FPT I would spend 10 hours a week finding content and scheduling it to my posted on my Pages. With FPT I can do that same work in less than an hour! I have hundreds of posts scheduled for the next few months which means FPT has put my Pages on autopilot.

Reach Stats
Increase Your Reach

The table of statistics on the right is a sample from just one of my Facebook Pages. During the week shown I did not spend a penny on advertising. The 3,175 new fans this Page got during the week were from viral traffic on that Page's posts. Most of the posts that were made on this Page were automatically posted by FPTraffic.

I got 3,175 new potential users to monetize while also reaching my users 4,557,021 times!

FPTraffic not only helps you build these Pages, but it'll also help you monetize them. I've made over $1,000 from a single post on one of my Pages.

PeerFly earnings
MyLikes earnings
Amazon earnings

Learn how I've made thousands of dollars profit with my Facebook Pages!

Connect Your Facebook and Get Started

My original intention for FPTraffic was to simply make a tool to help me automate my Pages. Then, I realized that there was so much more I could do with it and even help streamline my monetization strategies. For example, I have a giveaway script (now called FPGiveaway) that I have been using for over a year to generate income from my Pages. I've always manually created each giveaway I do and it took a lot of work. Well, you can now setup your own giveaway within FPTraffic using FPGiveaway in about a minute.

On average I earn $5-10 for every 1,000 people I reach with my giveaway posts!

I've also created tools to help with monetizing your Pages through affiliate links and have guides that explain how I make money through every single platform I use.

Within a month you should be making hundreds of dollars from the Facebook Pages that FPTraffic is going to help you make and maintain. What are you waiting for?

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FPTraffic is still in the pre-launch phase so if you sign up today you will get early access to all of the tools and guides I've released so far for just $10/month!

It is my goal to provide you with all the tools you need to start making hundreds of dollars a month with your Facebook Pages and I'm confident that with the powerful tools I've created that you will have no problem doing just that!

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FPTraffic requires certain permissions from Facebook to access your Pages. We will NEVER post to your Facebook account directly (only your Pages) and we will only post at the scheduled times you choose. Your friends information is never gathered nor saved by FPTraffic. Click here to learn more about our permissions requests.