It appears you did not grant FPTraffic all the permissions required for us to work with your account. When you connect your Facebook you should get three (3) prompts from Facebook asking for grant us permission to have access to the following features.


By default when you connect your Facebook account to any application you must grant that application access to your profile information. We use this to collect and store your Facebook account ID, name, email address, locale, and gender.


We will never post on your Facebook account without your permission! The only posts made will be on your Facebook Pages and those posts are controlled by you 100% and you are the only one that can schedule those posts to be created.

Manage Pages

Of course, if we are going to be able to help you schedule posts on your Facebook Pages and provide statistics for your efforts we will need access to manage your Pages. We will never delete your Pages and the only time any change is made to your Facebook Page is when you complete that action.

Reconnect and Build!

We won't monkey around with your account. Only posts you schedule will be made and only on Pages you choose. Reconnect your Facebook and grant us permission to help you build great Facebook Pages.

Reconnect Your Facebook

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